LifeLong Lessons (L3) provides customized strategic consulting for students wanting to enter American universities.  America’s elite universities admit only the best.  But the best does not necessarily mean having the highest GPA or test scores.  One must stand out.  We can help you STAND OUT. 

Our students benefit from LifeLong Lessons (L3) winter workshops and summer academies to hone their academic standing.  We also place students in internship programs specifically dedicated to the students’ interests and needs while others will participate in producing interactive media contents such as historical documentary films, short films, social media apps, and e-books.  As a result, our students will showcase their passion and talents.  In doing so, our students will differentiate themselves from the rest of the applicant pool. 

As life-long educators, our mission is not only to get students into the best universities but also to train them to succeed in college.  Hard work and enhanced academic preparation give our clients an edge. In short, we instill life-long lessons.