Many students in the past have participated in our award winning projects that include historical documentaries and books that accompany them. All students are welcome and encouraged to get involved in the stages of planning, researching, and production to learn and gain a broader perspective about their academic and career objectives.

Documentary and Commercial Films

  • Fading Away – Unique insight into the personal lives of the civilians affected by the war. The exclusive footage of battle scenes, chaos, visual recreations, and reenactments shape the context in which the civilians, refugees, and orphans recall their memories of war.College tour in Korea and US partnering with Department of Defense with over 40 international screenings.
  • The Last Tear – Comfort women documentary film with screenings over 115 international film festivals with multiple best film and director awards.
  • Hills of Arirang – 150 years of Korean diaspora
  • I am Grace – Incredible journey of North Korean defector seeking for her freedom. Multiple award with screenings in UN
  • Rescued by Fate – A film focuses on Robert M. Wada who have experienced struggles going through WWII Japanese internment camps, discrimination, and tragedies as a young Marine fighting for his country in the Korean War.
  • Healthy History – TV video series is to revisit the historical figures and sites to rediscover the importance of our identity while preserving our history that is quickly fading away. Our hope is that this opportunity will provide our newer generation to gain wisdom from our ancestors that will inspire a happier and healthier life.
  • Grandma’s Room – Award winning student’s film on forgotten generation.
  • Heroes and Legends – Video series to recognize and to honor our community Heroes and Legends for their lifetime achievement, services, and generosity making the positive impact for our youth and younger generations.
  • Ayla – Oscar and Golden Globe selection film
  • Flight Buddies – A film based on the personal memories of adopted children
  • Dames – Women in military…they were soldiers too!
  • Publications

    • Fading Away – Sponsored by Korea Foundation and Johns Hopkins (SAIS)
    • The Last Tear – Sponsored by Korea Foundation and Johns Hopkins (SAIS)
    • Clever Swallow – Award winning children’s book on traditional Korean folktales.
    • 성공하고 싶니? 성공이 뭔지 알아? – Guide to college prep
    • Korea Exchange – Korean cultural and heritage project
    • Future of Asian Medicine – Research project on future of Asian medicine