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LifeLong Lessons (L3) consultants will partner with you to formulate a strategy that will showcase your passion, academic strengths, and accomplishments. 

LifeLong Lessons (L3 ) consultants will advise how to incorporate your unique internships or workshop projects to shine on your personality, goals, and talents.  We will advise how to present your applications in such a manner that will differentiate you from the rest of the applicant pool.  At elite schools, the critical difference is not your SAT scores or the number of AP classes you have taken or the number of extra-curricular activities.  While these elements are important, the most crucial component is how to weave your test scores and GPA to answer this one very simple question: how are you different from all other high achieving students?


Real hands-on practical training!

LifeLong Lessons (L3) consultants have a global network to place students in internships.  LifeLong Lessons (L3) consultants have built relationships with prestigious think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and universities around the world. In Los Angeles, LifeLong Lessons (L3) can provide practical training and opportunity to participate in producing interactive media contents such as historical documentary films, short films, social media apps, and e-books.  Our past interns have worked on internationally acclaimed documentaries and had their essays published in our books. Skills learned include researching an historic topic, writing and editing scripts, filming and editing film, and organizing international events.

Winter Workshops

Two-week Intensive SAT and College Applications Bootcamp

Location: Los Angeles

This course will prepare students for the March SAT exam.  Students will learn test taking strategies and time management; each student will take at least 10 practice exams.  In the evenings, students will learn how to write college application essays.  Students will begin by putting together a resume.  After brainstorming topics based on one’s resume, each student will write two college application essays.

Fashion Design Workshops: How to Build Fashion Design Portfolio for Beginners

Location: Los Angeles

This workshop will include the following elements:
  • Form fashion coquis that reflect fashion industry standard
  • Understand key components of design development
  • Identify fashion design group criteria
  • Research primary and secondary art references
  • Compose visual representation of creative ideas
  • Create original design group to showcase individual’s talent

Summer Academies

College-level courses combined with college application preparation

Summer Academy provides college-level courses taught by renowned professors. Students have an opportunity to experience American college life both academically and socially.

In addition to an elective, students will learn to be active, creative, and vocal; and they will work on college application essays and/or projects that will give them an advantage when applying to colleges

Each student will be enrolled in two courses: One elective course and one mandatory class on college application writing.

Elective I: Introduction to International Relations

This course introduces theories and concepts for students who plan to study IR, Political Science, and other related social science field in college.  Taught in a seminar format, students are required to take a midterm, final, and write a research paper—just as required in college courses. Students are expected to participate in class just as they would in college.

Elective II: Introduction to Fashion Design and Fashion Design Portfolio

This course will provide a firm foundation for students who want to study fashion design.  This course will also teach students how to build a fashion design portfolio. This class will teach how to think like a designer, understand components of great design work, research primary and secondary art references, and compose visual representation of creative ideas.

Elective III: Introduction to Film Productions

This course will introduce writing and editing for film.  Students will learn and experience all aspects of making a film from pre-productions, filming, editing, marketing, and screening.  Students will be required to “make” a film as a final project. 

Mandatory Course: College Application essay writing, Public Speaking, and Learning to thrive in college

Students will learn:

  • How to weave their passion into application essays that will jump out and grab the attention of admissions officers
  • How to put together a resume
  • How to be familiarized with US universities and their strengths
  • Admissions interview skills
  • What is expected in their first year of college: how to survive and how to excel
  • Time management, relating to professors, and studying with an objective